Ubiquiti U6 LR wifi AP

I am on the Ubiquiti website and when I go to the wifi ap area and filter on WiFi6 ap’s only, the U6 LR does not show up. I assume this is a bug in their filter. It is a fully AX device correct?

Also I want to go with the LR in my home because the walls/floors seem to reduce wifi signals a lot. Have people had good experiences with the LR (long range)?


I have an LR at my house and it works great.

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That is good to know but is it really 802.11ax and does it work in a mesh environment either as a wired AP suppoting unwired other UI AP’s or as an unwired mesh AP?

Can U6-LR act as a controller for other AP’s and switches. I am going to run UI gear with a pfsense+ Router so I need to load the controller somewhere.

Is it true that UI does not honor the warranty unless you buy it from their site or an authorized reseller. So, if you buy it on Amazon new or other online stores NEW they wont honor the warranty?


That is my understanding. I don’t own any (just the normal U6), but Unifi states that the U6-LR is 802.11ax / WiFi 6 compliant on the product page. It is not a WiFi 6E device, however.

No. You’ll need a separate controller.

I’m based in the EU, so unless you are too, this doesn’t apply to you. But here, manufacturers are required by law to provide a 2 year warranty on all new products, including ones sold through resellers.

I have 3 U6-LRs here…two are connected by Cat 6 and one is meshed to one of the wired U6-LRs. All work great…no issues. You will need to setup the U6-LRs with a controller. They can be setup by the iPhone app but the option are limited compared to a controller. Yes, they are 802.11AX on the 5GHz channel.

Can I host the controller on a TrusNAS scale server? If so how?If possible, I’d like to set it up natively and not on VM.

Yes, you can install the UniFi controller as an app on SCALE. Make sure to create datasets for persistent storage.

Natively or as a VM/Docker?

The Unifi Controller app in their supported list but just so you know it’s not officially from Ubiquity, it’s 3rd party maintained.

The U6 is AX on 5GHZ only where the Pro and I’m sure some other newer models are AX on 2.4 GHZ as well. I’ve seen some people have trouble with devices like Amazon Fire Sticks that were poor at staying on 5 GHZ have better performance out of the pro despite the 5GHZ measuring decent signal. That said I run the LR and it works great with my Roku’s