I have the possibility of making the following courses, also in this order:

Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Admin (UBWA)
Ubiquiti Network Specialist (UNS)
Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin (UEWA)

The advantage currently would be that a training house in Germany offers these courses in September, within 5 days, starting with the UBWA, then UNS and finally UEWA. At the end it is possible to take the respective certificates.

I know that everyone thinks differently about certification, one thinks it is useful, the other not.
However, I would like to know if these certifications make sense when we are considering adding Ubiquiti to our portfolio and currently have experience with competing products (LANCOM & Netgear) or if this is completely unnecessary.

Are you an official authorized trainer by Ubiquiti?

No, I would like to take advantage of the training.