Ubiquiti Question

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I have a quick question regarding ubiquiti, I have only ever used ubiquiti devices as security support for networks that I have setup, but I have a new client that uses ubiquiti as their entire network.

They have no server, just switches and gateways and UniFi software acting essentially as their active directory in a way. My question is “without a server how can they properly manage their network?” I have never seen a serverless network before, should I be less concerned than I am? Can the UniFi software cover all the functions a server would?

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UniFi software does not act as an AD server, it only controls the UniFi equipment.


They may be using the RADIUS server built in to the USG. I wouldn’t call it an AD replacement, but that is probably what they mean.

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Yea that makes sense that is probably what they are doing. I have just never seen it done that way before thanks for the information!

You’d probably want to use something like Azure AD if going server less. Some clients use simple workgroups, but you lack control that way… Azure AD and Intune gives more control and policy enablement.