Ubiquiti Project Followup: How Reliable are the 283 UniFi Access Points & 12

Stupid question:

How well do these AP’s work with other brands of switches?

Yes I know, the switch brand and features should not affect the AP functions, but worth asking. We are Extreme networking here (going from Enterasys), but I know the AP’s are more money than the Ubiquiti stuff and I think it is almost time to swap out most of our nodes. Not sure why I’m even asking, they won’t listen to me and I’m sure they will come up with one single feature that isn’t really needed to justify a more expensive product.

That said, with budgets being what they are, I think they have put off all network upgrades for his year and probably next year which will put all of our switches into old age. I have Enterasys C5 for my department, probably need to go Cisco next time to keep a software support happy (silly rules). Yes these C5 are end of life and older than I really care to run, but no choices right now.

I am not aware of any issues but I have not done extensive testing various makes and models.