Ubiquiti nanostation 5ac loco cannot connect to copier on station ptp side of connection

I have two ubiquiti nanostation 5ac loco’s connected between two of my office in the same building. it looks like the following:

Main office (10.10.20.x/24) —pfsense firewall -----nanostation 1 ( =========nanostation2 ( — remote office (10.10.30.x/24)

ok my problem is I can connect from the main office to nanostation 2 and manage it, but cannot connect to a copier/printer in the remote office from the main office. I am tired of having to walk down to the remote office everytime I need to mork on the copier remotely. when I try to bring up the webui from the main office I get site can’t be reached, also I cannot access copier, can’t print to copier, from main office. I have checked my pfsense and the firewall rules are in place to have full connectivity between the main office and remote office, I am pretty good with pfsense. not sure about the ubiquiti setting though, the first time I have worked with airOS. thanks for any help, please let me know if I need to post any more info.

It sounds like a vlan problem. Since you have different subnets in each office you will need to pass your non native one, the dot 20, as a separate vlan. You will end up with a wlan, bridge and lan interface for each of your networks. This is what mine looks like with a native network of 0 and vlan 30. Hope that makes sense.

I forgot that you need to add stuff to the vlan section too.

It’s been a while since I set this up… You need to add a Bridge Network for the vlan as well.

Edit the forth: If you don’t see the sections that I clipped under the network tab, change the Configuration Mode from Simple to Advanced.

it actually looks like itis an issue with the copier, thanks for the help anyway.