Ubiquiti multi-site with cloud key, pfsense and no hostify?

Is it possible to set up ubiquiti multi-site with cloud key, pfsense and no hostify?

I have the following setups:

Location 1:
Pfsense router
Cloud key
UniFi switches and AP

Location 2:
ISP router without vlans
UniFi Flex mini switch
UniFi AP

I have already devided the devices in two sites in the controller at loc. 1, but when plugging in the 2 devices at loc. 2, these devices is shown as offline though the AP is working and connected to the internet.

Do I need openVPN, vlan at both sites or a UniFi router to set this up?

The UniFi devices fin the controller based on the “Inform Host” setting under advanced in the UniFi controller. They need these ports accessible and it can be done over a VPN or via port forwarding to the controller.

Basically you’ll need to have a site to site VPN between the locations. You’ll have to bring the flex mini to Location 1 unless you have something that can do DNS at location 2. This is because with the flex mini you can’t SSH in to it and use the set-inform command like you can with most other Unifi devices. It pretty much only looks for a control at http://unifi:8080/inform

As for the Unifi AP at location 2, you can SSH in and use:set-inform http://ipaddressOfControlerLoc1:8080/inform and then adopt it or let it connect back in if it was previously adapted.

There is a option of exposing the cloud key to the internet and using port forwarding, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t have to. The issue with the flex mini remains with that solution as well.

Thanks. I tried to follow some guides to set up OpenVPN on the pfSense, all the similar steps.
Created a ddns, the server, CA, user, firewall rule and so on. But I must have done something wrong, because it seems like I can’t get it to work nor ping the local networks i set up in the server.

First of all, when trying on my phone from cellular og different wifi, it will just try and try and then time out.I do not see anything in the log on pfSense.
When trying from a laptop running windows on an externally hotspot wifi connection, it shows as connected very fast, but stil can’t ping and no logs on pfSense.
The funny part is that if i shut down the server on pfsense, the openVPN connection remains connected and I’m even able to reconnect.
So it must be something else it is connected to.

Any idea what I have done wrong? All guides looked similar and quit simple to follow, so I believe I fallowed every step correctly