Ubiquiti INS-3AF-O-G - Real world reliability


Interested in other people’s real world experience of the outdoor “Instant Adapter”

I’ve had a couple fail on me, and I’m about to be the installer on a large scale WiFi project which was initially going to be using R6’s, but due to limited/no availability in the UK the spec is changing to USW-FLEX switches, of course the PTP equipment is 24v hence the need for the adapters above.

Have I just been unlucky with the two that were faulty? There could be scope for 200+ in this project!

  • Paul.

I have about 70 Outdoor APs that I use them with. Have not had one fail yet in over a year. I take an extra step and put electrical tape on the bottom cover to prevent any water from coming in.

I also am testing POE-CONV-4824G from Tycon. Search for POE-CONV-4824G on Amazon.

Thanks for the info, sounds like a good idea a bit of tape.

I do have some marine gel that I can put on RJ45 plugs sometimes, I just worry that if anything happens < 12 months, suppliers may whine about warranties if there’s gel in the socket!!

I’ve used these internally, and never had a problem -

Need an external solution here though. (Without having to faff about with adaptable boxes, glands etc)