Ubiquiti Hosted Controller AP Limit and HA?

I just started working at a new enterprise and I am having problems finding this information. I can’t find a limit per say of AP per controller or HA setup. The device would be self hosted any help would be great.

I believe the device limit is dictated by the resource limits of the device you’re running the controller on. I am not aware of a HA option and I’m not sure if it’s really needed. The controller only needs to be online to push changes. The only exception to this is if you’re using the Unifi guest portal, which most people don’t really recommend anyway.

The best way to do HA for Unifi is to
A) run it yourself on a hypervisor and storage that will do the HA so the guest OS running Unifi doesn’t know it changed hosts
B) run it yourself in the cloud
C) use Ubiquiti’s hostsed Unifi controller
D) use Hostifi.net’s hosted Unifi controler

I agree but for an enterprise environment it’s hard for me to present a case with hypothetical items especially when comparing to another product. My usage is completely (under 20) different from this environment by an exponential amount(more than 1k). I can likely get away with the HA being can place it on a cluster but the AP number is a major item.

A little searching found multiple people with high hundreds and some with thousands of devices managed by their controller. It sounds like there will be some tuning required, which you can read about here. You may want to slit the devices up logically into different sites within the controller, I’m assuming you’re dealing with a large physical site. If you have very specific question about a deployment like this you might be able to get the attention of one of the devs over in the UBNT forums.

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There is some fine tuning that needs to be done for the larger installs, but as was said, the HA setup for the controller really just involved hosting the software in an HA hypervisor cluster.

Thanks guys on same page, I was speaking of an Hardware HA solution here as well. Just making sure I have my ducks in a row. That was my selling point that if controller goes down AP remain running. I will be working on a report soon and presenting to powers that be.

The design of Unifi is always that the APs keep running without the controller, even without HA. The only feature that goes away is the Guest Portal, and you can choose whether the APs allow new clients through without auth, or deny new clients, while the controller is down (this setting is only changeable via CLI, Ubiquiti has documentation for it but I am on mobile and don’t have it handy).

Thanks for that good info. Just trying to build a case :grin: