Ubiquiti Gigabeams behind Meraki Network

Hello all,
My first post here and I honestly just figured I’d take a last ditch effort after watching the Lawrence Youtube channel.

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So I have a very basic p2p bridge with a couple of Ubi Gigabeams-LR and just brought the link up a few min ago. Before I make a mess of trying to explain the issue let me provide some details. We have a location that has been running for 2 years on all Meraki gear. Firewall, Stack and MR ap’s throughout the building. Recently the location had some work trailers delivered to the back section of the property about 1500 feet away. Management decided they wanted wifi in these trailers so after having somewhat negative results with Meraki mesh in the past I decided to try out some Ubiquiti gigabeams. I’ve used Ubiquiti for years and always been happy with it but generally these installs were on flat networks. So I decided to use the gigabeams for a dedicated p2p link then on the remote gigabeam I need a “trunked” connection where I can pass 4 vlans to the trailers. Currently I have the uplink to the main gigabeam “trunked” and I am atleast able to access the Gigabeam on the correct network. However I haven’t connected anything to the remote gigabeam ethernet port yet since the day came to an end but I don’t have the first idea how to configure these gigabeams to allow each of these vlans to pass across the p2p link. Honestly I have never deployed Ubiquiti gear where other brands were involved so I am hoping someone here can help - any ideas? Thanks

I have not used the Gigabeams specifically but most of the other equipment from UBNT will automatically pass the VLAN traffic going across them without issue.

This is the same information I received from Ubiquiti - hoping to test it out soon…Thanks for your help