Ubiquiti Cloud Corporate account?

Hi all:

We’re upgrading our corporate Wifi to unifi (and I also have a unifi network at home). I’d like to create a corporate cloud account for the corporate network, that can be used by multiple employees/techs (each with their own credentials) rather than using a shared login, which is severely discouraged by our security policies.

Based on my searching at the UI forums, this isn’t the model this isn’t how it’s done - is there a best practice or a workaround or advice for this scenario?

Mostly I don’t want to do something experimental with our new production network that’s difficult to undo so I can redo it right.



With Unifi its expected that you will create/invite admins by their email address, and they can be added on a site-by-site basis or as controller-wide admins.


I have my house setup like this. The only difference between my account and my wife’s account is I show as owner/admin. But as far as I know she has all the same rights I do. I have used her account for a couple changes jus to make sure it worked.

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