Ubiquiti Bridge Deployment - Or Maybe?

Hello all! First posting!

I have a client that needs their current internet shot out to a small out-building from their main office. It is only approx 175 feet away. Nothing crazy…and LOS. They have a decent existing Ubiquiti network (USG, switches, and APs) along with a Cloud Key Gen 2 Plus. Has been chugging along just fine for quite a while.

Being as wanting to keep everything under the “Ubiquiti Ecosystem”, I’d like to deploy a pair of UBB Bridges to get their internet out to this smaller structure (station side). Sure…no problem…but here’s the $10k question.

Can these people be able to share files between those two structures? That is VERY important. They currently use a NAS that basically houses all of their files that are used among the employees. In other words, I’m looking to supplement/expand their current network…not merely add internet/wifi to a structure that does not have it. Everyone needs to be able to access the NAS…no matter which structure they are in at the time or device that is accessing the NAS.

No guest wifi would be needed on either end. Just one main SSID for employee use only. This is not a walk-in, retail sort of business.

It would also be nice (since they are widely familiar with the CK Controller UI) to have both the office AND outbuilding be visible and managed through Unify. Stats as well as all the other geeky stuff for both buildings could also be tracked and/or logged all in one place. Again, one large network…but with a few bridges thrown into the mix. I assume that the UBB can handle this task though (why I didn’t go with the cheaper, but very similar performing Nanobeams for example).

Orrrr…grab a spade trenching tool and get to work with a buried cable instead. No bridge used at all.

What would you guys do in this scenario?

Thanks in advance!