Ubiquiti ap help

I am helping a friend at his church and want to install 2 ubiquiti long range ap. It says it 24v Poe passive. We have a long ethernet run and want to run the ap of poe from the switch. What switch should I get or is it best to power off the Poe injector that comes with it.

I suppose you could get any PoE switch but you need to read the manual first to see if it will support the total load of the 2 APs. You also need to check that the run you have is within the maximum run supported over ethernet for your cable type. Personally I’d always buy the switch, if your AP has 2 ethernet ports you can connect the 2nd AP which might prove to be less work.

I already have the ethernet running. Each ethernet run will have only one device which will be the ap. I was hoping for the one ap unit only to power it via poe

You can run the APs off of their respective POE injectors for now if you don’t have a switch, it will work just fine. If you guys decide that a POE-capable switch is required - maybe in the future there will be more wired and/or powered devices over Ethernet - then it’s convenient to have one. If you do not have much experience with switches, I would stay in the Ubiquiti ecosystem and pick up a UniFi POE switch, 8/16/24/48 ports depending on the project and future expansion.

Could I run the Poe over a long distance and put the ejector at the other?

I don’t think I understand what you are trying to achieve. Typically when you run anything from PoE it comes from a switch and I don’t know off the top of my head the length of the run before you would run into issue with power. Now if you are going to use the injector then you can have the injector in the same room as your network room just like the switch option OR you can run just a data cable to your injector that can be closer to your AP (I hope there is power close) and then from the injector to the AP so your PoE is a shorter run.

It most certainly depends on the distance and even the type of POE you are using which I do not have much knowledge in, a simple Google search says 300 feet and others say half of that, it’s definitely something to research if you roughly know the distance.

This is a good idea which I haven’t thought about. I would recommend everything being centralized for easier control and diagnosing but if distance is a problem then move the POE injector somewhere close as said here.

I assume that you are speaking of chaining the second one to the first one? That cannot be done as the LR only has one Ethernet port. You could extend the network over to small switch and connect both injectors from that switch.

I think that POE is good for 100m /300feet on cat5e the same as Ethernet. I have certainly run Unifi AP’s on the end of 100+m cables but that would be 48v not 24 so I’m not 100% sure.

I assume there is an existing router. Can you confirm are you running;
a/ One cable from the router to the first AP and a second cable from the router to the second AP
b/ One cable from the router to AP1 and another cable from AP1 to AP2.

If a/ then for now use the injectors that came with them at the router end and make sure it all works then think about a switch going forward. Exactly what you need here will depend, as others have said, on what kit is currently on site and what, if any, expansion might be required.

If b/ then you are going to need a switch and power at AP1, you need to connect the cable from the router, the cable to AP1 and the cable to AP2 all to the switch. US-8-150w support 24v POE and are unifi so will go in the same controller as the AP’s

So they have comcast Router with 2 computer and a MFP connected to it. I have a long cable run like 25 feet going to another room which connect to a router that I am making a dumb switch that all it does and have extra ports (I turned off DHCP). That router with handle to ports/runs to 2 AP units that I have. One of runs I know has power as it has a cradle point AP which I think comcast bussiness set up for them but I am not sure if the other has power so I was going to put the injector at the end near the 2nd router (Dummy switch) and use the ethernet wire that I was already run for me to power the device and get the data to it. It should be no more than 100 feet for me from the second router to the AP unit. Hope that answers your question.

Still not entirely sure if you have two cable runs from router2, one to each AP but it sounds like it.

cable from comcast router1 to router2
cable from router2 to AP1
cable from router2 to AP2
Drop the POE injectors between router2 and the AP’s and you should be golden.

The only other thing to worry about is that the current cradle point AP is getting power from somewhere, you need to identify where and remove that power (it might just be a power brick) before plugging the APLR in just to be safe.

I know where the power is for that. I had moved it hoping I could use what they had but was not helping with the wifi signal. The Cradle Point is going away

Simple then, use the injectors close to router2 then if at some point there is budget to buy a POE switch then grab a SW-8-150.