Ubiquiti Admin Access

Before I go to too much trouble, I just want to confirm that there is still no way to add an admin account to multiple Unifi consoles/sites at the same time? For example, if I managed 150 Unifi consoles and I wanted to add a second technician with admin rights, I would have to manually login to each console and invite them? The same goes for my cloud server. If I managed 100 sites within my own controller and I wanted to add a new admin, I would have to add a new user, give them read only access to everything, then manually switch to each site and upgrade their access to site admin?

For the devices using https://unifi.ui.com/ I don’t think there is a way to mass add users but for a locally hosted multi-site controller when you add a user you can make them either an “Administrator” to give them access to all sites or a “Site Administrator” to give them access to only one site.