Ubiquit Nanostation Loco M2 Poe issue


I have a WiFi bridge between my house and office using 2 ubiquiti nanostation loco M2’s. It’s worked perfect for 3 years.

I moved my office and the Station receiver to a new location but the issue is I am not getting any power to it via the 24v poe injector.

Only difference in 2 locations is length of cable from Poe to the nanostation. Old office it was 10 ft and new office is 35ft.

Does the power drop off with a longer run on these older nanostation devices?

As a test I plugged in a Unifi AC lite ap and it works. I also tried a 48v Poe injector and no luck.

Do I need to shorten the run from poe to the nanostation?

Thanks for any advice

It should work over that distance, double check the connections and make sure you did not over look something simple like a bad RJ45 crimp.