Ubee Modem / Router to pfSense

Alright, I have a client that has a Spectrum (Time Warner) Ubee modem / router (WiFi too) and I just installed a pfSense firewall behind it. Everything with pfSense is running smooth, I’m just trying to figure out how to route the WiFi traffic (before I deploy a new AP for them) from the Ubee downstream to the pfSense firewall and then back out to the internet.

Any feedback or direction would be greatly appreciated.


There is not a way to do that. The better idea is to disable the WIFi in the modem and put that device in bridge mode do pfsense get’s the public IP. Then you put WiFi devices behind the pfsense.

The pfSense is using the static IP already but would it still help performance to get it in bridge mode?

I thought that was the case for the WiFi but wanted to see if I was missing something.


If you have a public IP from the modem, then it’s already bridged.

Spectrum must have bridged it when they assigned the static IP, perfect.

Now to send a quote to the client for some UniFi AP’s and explain they can turn off the $X.XX per month charge for WiFi from Spectrum.