Uable to access services behind pfSense firewall


Could anyone please tell me where I can find the list of all the banned IP in pfSense? Fror unknown reason I am no longer able to access my websites, or event ssh to the server.
When I go to 1. Status / System Logs / Firewall / Normal and filter for my ip address I can see it in there

How do I know what rule is (1000000103)

I am really stuck as I cannot ssh to the the pfSense or use OpenVPN. I have access via my colleague remote computer at home

Thank you

As it says, this is the default deny rule (which exists implicitly, i.e. is not shown on the rules tabs). By default, if there is no rule explicitly allowing it, all traffic is blocked by pfsense. You have to create rules on the WAN interface if you want to allow traffic that comes into the WAN interface (i.e. from the internet).

I don’t think such a list exists, as long as we’re not talking about the likes of pfBlocker. Also, traffic is not only identified by its source or destination IP address, but also by protocol and (depending on the protocol) source and destination port.

Since you said “no longer able to access”, am I correctly assuming that it worked before and then stopped working on its own without you or anyone else changing the configuration? Do you have a static or dynamic IP address on the WAN? Are any of your WAN firewall rules based on source IP address? A screenshot of your WAN rules would be helpful.

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