U6-Pro Vs NanoHD

Looking at the U6-Pro for home to replace a NanoHD, what’s the consensus re the U6-Pro?

Mainly the qualcomm chipset I’m interested in over the mediatek

I have the U6 Long-Range at home and it works great.

We’ve started to transition from Unifi 5 LR’s to Unifi 6 LR’s and Pro’s as our standard deployment. No issues with the 6’s. It seems like they get a bit better range and reception but that might just be in my head.

U6-lite physically too big for we’re it’ll be located too, U6-LR+ of interest if it gets out of EA.

Ordered a U6-Pro and will test.

U6-Pro giving me all sorts of problems that I didn’t have with the NanoHD. High RX frames on 2.4 band, devices not connecting to it.

UI-Glenn wants me try various beta firmware releases. On one hand that’s fine, but on the other why should I having paid for the unit.

Issues get resolved if I revert to an early firmware. TBh it’s getting returned and will get a U-Lite for now.

I have a U-Lite already that works absolute fine.