U6 - LR: Should I angle it or keep it flat facing down? (pictures and 29 sec video provided)

Hey guys, I have a quick question, what’s the best deployment for this scenario? I want to provide wifi for these two bungalows, they have thin wood rooms with a thin sheet of aluminum, the U6-LR is being placed on the second floor right beneath the roof top, should I angle the AP towards the bungalow or install it flat facing down? I’m not sure how the radiation patterns work on this unit and I’ve looked at graphs on the matter but I just don’t understand what I’m looking at… Anyways if anyone has a tip for me please let me know!

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29 second video of the area and me asking the same question:


In general, APs without external antennas mount horizontal for better horizontal coverage.
WiFi signals will not penetrate aluminum.

I’m sure @LTS_Tom would be willing to provide on site consulting services in exchange for 2 weeks stay. :laughing:

The theory goes out the door once you attempt to apply it in the real world. There’s too many variables. Get a friend and a ladder and have him hold it at the different angles while you walk around with a laptop and measure the signal strength in different places.