Type of POE switch for 3 Unfi access points

I currently have a tough switch POE TS-5-POE and just got an Unifi Ap-NanoHD access point and it will not power it, I realized after the fact it requires 48V compared to 24V.
I will be using two of the Unifi Ap-NanoHD access points along with one AP-AC-LR.
I have liked the Tough Switch for the last several years but would like to see what people would recommend for an 8 port that could power the devices I have. I would like to move up to the 8 port just for growth reasons.

There is a unifi 8 port switch both in a 60w model and a 150w model both will work for you.

Thank you. I went with the 150W looking forward to see how it works. I read it runs hot so going to put it on a network shelf and put some fans on one side of it.