Txt / cname / etc on DNS resolver in pfSense

Hey all,

Can’t believe that I’ve never tried to do this before but I’m struggling to work out how to add txt records(or for that matter anything other than A records) to the DNS resolver in pfSense.

Google seems to be indicating that you can do it via the advanced settings box but I can’t find much detail. Could anyone give me a simple example of say a TXT record that returns “ms=xxxyyyzzz”.

I don’t know that you can as I don’t think DNS Resolver was ever designed to act as the authoritative DNS for your domain.

I’d like to say I worked it out, but I didn’t, this guy however did https://jeff.thatonedomain.com/adding-an-opendkim-txt-record-in-unbound-under-pfsense/ I’ve tested it and it works, but I did have to put my FQDN in. So in his example where is ends _domainkey I had to put _domainkey.mydomain.com. One thing to note, if you use pfBlockerNG I have a feeling in the back of my mind (I could be wrong) it wipes out or rearranges the settings in the DNS custom options box when you make changes.

@LTS_Tom yeah, which is probably why I have never actually had to try and do it before. I have a site with a couple of Win7 machines left that talk to a samba DC and wanted to replicate the DNS from that so I can set the DNS servers to be the same as the rest of the network. I could just point the samba box to the pfsense vm and leave all the PCs talking to samba for now.

@Acestes I found and read that article and totally didn’t get it. I’ve just looked at it again and it now makes much more sense for some reason. Maybe a break from work and some food has helped with the understanding. Thanks for posting it.