Two physical NIC going to two separate switch

I am somewhat technical in networking, but still learning. I am changing my switch from Unifi. I had five uplink going from pfsense to 5 different port on same unifi switch. I had different subnet and some with VLAN tag. It worked as I created so many vlans and different profile in unifi controller and attached to ports. But when I assigned same profile to different ports and moved wires to those ports accordingly, it started giving trouble and I am sure it has to do with so many uplink ports.

I am going to separate them to two switch now, but I want to cross assign IP. How is it possible to do?

For instance, my new build has two 10gig SFP+ and one rj45 port.

1 Rj45 - (want to use for management), (vlan tag 1000 - for testing)
1 SFP+ -, tag 40), (vlan tag 90)
2 SFP+ -

1 SFP+ port will go to mikrotik switch
2 SFP+ port will go to tp-link 8 port sfp+ switch.

Is it possible to assign ip address from 1 sfp+ to a switch which is connected to 2 sfp+ switch?

I believe one way it is possible to create lag interface in pfsense and use vlan for other networks and connect one of LAG port to one switch and another to another switch.

Is there a way to do differently. How does small to medium business achieve something like this using only one firewall if I think how complex network can be.