Two ones one network - how?

So the whole story is that me and my wife have decided that we are better as friends than a couple. But we still want to share the same , using our account “old” accounts, without being a target of Netflixs upcoming account sharing threat.

I was thinking of setting up some kind of network (tailscale) so that our Apples TVs will be on the same network and one IP for the streaming services to see.

We still wants out separate networks for everything else but the streaming services.

Hardware wise, I am going to be using a Netgate box and my best friend is going to be using a Edgerouter X SFP.

Do I make myself clear? If so, how should I set this up?
If not, ask away!

ps. I found this link: ds.

I’m confused as to how the cost or time investment here would be remotely worth it compared with just buying your own sub.

That said. My assumption would be that what matters is that netflix sees you leave on the same ip, not that the tv’s themselves are on the same network. You don’t want to create a site to site tunnel between your two homes as that would result in streaming traffic over two, likely fairly slow, residential isps. Instead I would do something like the following: Firstly I would ditch the Edgerouter, it’s unfit for any purpose. Replace it with a netgate since you already have one and likely have some familiarity with it. Put the two tv’s on their own separate network using one of the other lan ports on each router, then setup a vpn that routes all internet traffic from that interface to a common endpoint at like AWS or something. Could be their own ipsec service, or like an EC2 server running wireguard for example, etc. That way streaming only uses each household’s isp, and takes the vpn hop somewhere with plenty of bandwidth that is also under your control in case you for example want to move it to another country or something.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:
I hear you do agree with most what you say there.

The solution sounds good to me, and I will look into it the way you describe it.

Honestly, the least of my worries if dealing with a future ex is a shared Netflix account…


That’s an interesting situation!

If I was in that situation, I would setup a RAS openvpn server at the Netfilix location, use a particular vlan for “netflix” access, then setup clients at the other location for a particular vlan. Then anything on those vlans will use the WAN IP of the Netflix host destination. If you watch on your phone then simply add a cert to it to watch. You can add split tunneling to route traffic for the device, but personally I prefer to route the vlan as it’s easier to know what it happening.

If you are the one paying for netflix, then when you find someone else, you can just revoke the cert and claim cluelessness :wink:

One of the better stories I’ve heard about why someone would want to bypass Netflix’s account sharing restrictions :wink:

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@bb77 Also for future use when the kids are leaving the house, but I heard that Netflix has withdrawn from the “threat” of cracking down of password sharing.

I think I heard that it only has to show on your wifi once a month to be able to be shared, so you don’t need the VPN all the time.

TBH I am more concerned about a marriage parting ways than a silly Netflix account setup. I hope you find a way to save it.