Tutorial for setting up home shares on FreeNAS


I’ve looked everywhere but can not find a good manual for setting up home shares for users on FreeNAS for my users. All the SMB share setup guides pretty much skip over that home share option menu and the FN guide is rather brief too.
The little “?” context menu helper items say that you point it to a dataset and if the user doesn’t have a share yet FN will create it names after the user. So I’ve done that but when mounting the SMB share I can see my own home share named after my user name but I can not mount it.
So how can I gain access to my own home share.
Also: Under Pools I only see the top level dataset I created for the homes shares but not the sub-folders that FN it said it would create automatically.

Any good tutorial you can point me to would be of great help!

Many thanks!

It’s not a feature I have used in a long time, I will get to a video on in at some point.

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Sounds great, looking forward to it! Of course I can simply manually add a dataset/share for every user that only they can use/see for timemachine or whatever but I thought the home share is a more convenient way to let FN do that for me. Maybe it’s a misconception on my end.

Ok, so finally found a good starting point where someone has the same issues to understand how it works:

Will do some digging.

Can’t get it to work. How to set ACLs on the share that you define as the home share dataset when they seem to be invisible in the FN GUI? I can see them when logging in via SMB but they just won’t mount.