Trying to shut down xcp-ng hypervisors using nutserver attached to UPS's

I’m having difficulty in figuring out how to shut down 3 xcp-ng hypervisors gracefully using a nutserver attached to 5 UPS’s.
What I want to do is once the UPS’s reach a certain level of charge, I want to automatically shutdown the hypervisors, but problem is it looks like you need a nut client installed on each xcp-ng machine to monitor the UPS levels and a script on each to shutdown the machines, trouble is I can’t see a way of installing anything on the xcp-ng machines. Some assistance on the matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t have any guide on NUT, but Techno Tim does here Network UPS Tools (NUT Server) Ultimate Guide - YouTube

Instead of installing an agent you could create a script that logs in and sends the shutdown command to the servers.

I’ve looked all day and can only find client server setups for nutserver and even then the examples are patchy. Do you have an example script that can sample the UPS/nutserver info and automatically shutdown remote servers without them containing clients. I’ve watched techno tims video and he only shows this client server setup, with a client on every machine you want to shutdown. Also I want it to shutdown at a specific battery level 20 % or so, he only shows shutdown on a timer when the power is removed.

I have not done this, so only a suggestion, but have you tried this:

At the base these are just Centos 7 computers, so most things that work on 7 should be OK on XCP-NG.