Trying to setup web server control panel access with pfSense

Hey guys! i have a problem with accessing my web server control panel.

so my server control panel is at port 2030 and i can only access it via HTTPS

i opened HTTPS and HTTP NAT for the private IP of the server and i can access it just fine, but when trying to access the server via port 2030 on HTTPS it redirect me to port 443 and not 2030, so i can’t access it outside of my network.

i opened port 2030 of course, but for some reason when using HTTPS it doesn’t work.
if i use HTTP and different port on the URL (for example: http://mydomain:4444) it works fine.
but if i use https://mydomain:2030 it doesn’t work.

Please help me!

Thank you!

More information is needed, Is it using some type of Apache or Nginx redirect rules?