Trying to log into Nano HD after it disconnected don't have password

I have an Unifi NanoHD (V=, which disconnected and has a solid white light which I found to means it’s ready to provision. I don’t have the password to SSH into it; I read that the password can be found in the advanced features section when I goto Site–>Services–> Enable Advanced Features, there is a large warning stating that the unit could become unstable. I have several different locations on my controller (v=5.14.23). It’s a vanilla setup, nothing crazy. I was just wondering if anyone else has enabled the advanced feature and had any issues?

The factory default user/pass is

Thank you Tom for the website URL, I really didn’t want to do a factory reset. Lucky I found the user name and password for the device and SSH into it and that did me no go. I went into the console and clicked on the forgot device once I did that it showed it was pending adoption. Once I started the adoption process it, it provisioned and was back in service. Still not sure why it disconnected but will need to keep a eye on it.