Trying to get the CLIENT OpenVPN setup in TrueNAS to connect to pfSense

Has anyone gotten TrueNAS to connect to their pfSense OpenVPN Server?

I want to have the TrueNAS at my house, and be able to backup things from my office.

I’ve tried to setup the client for OpenVPN in TrueNAS, but I haven’t been able to figure it out.

All sorts of errors! I can connect to the VPN via my android phone, but TrueNAS isn’t connecting.

Thanks for any tutorials or video’s showing the process on the TrueNAS side.

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I have not yet done any testing with it as I still prefer to setup site to site VPN’s at the firewall.

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Thanks for the reply. I was tossing that idea around too, and I think it’s really the best thing to do in the long run.
I have this box setup as the main pfSense box, so I ordered a second for the remote location.

edit to add info about the above computer.
It is $169.99 after coupon right now.
Intel Celeron N3450 (4 cores @ 1.10GHz) Burst Frequency 2.20 GHz
Dual LAN
Wifi-Adapter doesn’t work with pfSense, so I ordered a DW1707 (atho) from ebay for about $5
It has a fan, and the temp is currently 47 degrees according to pfSense

I added a USB NIC too from Amazon for about $13. No need, just for fun.

Thanks for all of the video’s that you post, very good tutorials.

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I’ve found myself in the same situation as you. Trying to get an OpenVPN client setup on a TrueNAS box I’ve setup for an offsite backup.

I agree with Tom that I’d prefer to put a pfSense box at my family member’s home, set it as a DMZ host on their ISP provided router and then have my own tiny network of the pfsense firewall and the TrueNAS box. That’s a project for another day - for today I just needed to get OpenVPN setup as a client.

I was able to do it by setting up an OpenVPN server on my pfSense box using certificate authentication only. No user/password auth. Then I followed this guide from the TrueNAS Resources - TrueNAS and OpenVPN client configuration

Hope this is helpful for you!