Trying to establish a trunk between Cisco switch and UniFi

I was wondering if anyone here has been able to establish a trunk between a Cisco switch and a UniFi AP. I am having trouble on my end. I want to have multiple SSID networks operating on the UniFi AP with VLAN tagging. I’ve configured that on the controller and the AP gets those configurations. The problem is that in order for the controller to communicate with the AP I need to put the AP on an access port and not a trunk port. This makes it imposible to do VLAN tagging. Now what I’ve noticed is that once the AP is provisioned with the configurations I can switch that AP to a trunk port and the multiple SSIDs work just fine but the controller can no longer manage the AP. So how to I configure the AP to tag it’s management IP as well so that the controller can still communicate with the AP even on a trunk interface?

You need to set the native VLAN on the switch.

Conf t
Interface whatever interface
Switchport trunk native vlan <VLAN number>
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That did the trick thank you very much. I feel ashamed though because I should have known better.