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Hello all, I need to pick up some Cat6 to do some run in my house I am looking for about 500 feet of cable. I figure that will also give me extra for any other jobs I want to do. That being said anyone have a company they get cable from that as good quality and have had good experience with ?


Monoprice Wait for coupons/deals. They have sales every quarter for up to 20% off, $5.00 off 20.00, 15% off right now-at this moment, etc. Off colors get discounted quite heavily if you don’t mind which color.

I stopped making my own patch cables for runs under 100 ft and just buy them, heavily discounted/on sale, for less than I can make them on my own (cat 7 and 8). They have a lifetime guarantee which I have used before and works flawlessly. Replacements are received within a week of RMA request. When you contact customer service, they do what they say they will do. Look at the deals for cat 6a, 7, and 8. Sometimes the deals on these other cables are cheaper than a cat6.

I would upgrade to cat 6a to future proof w/e your doing so you can handle 10g. You never know.

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Thank you for the info!

+1 for monoprice. Have been using them for years

+1 for the recommendation to upgrade to Cat6a, and for Monoprice.

What about buying the cable from ?

+1 for Monoprice. Been using them for both work and personal for years. Always fast service with them.