Trunk Port TP-Link Switch

I have a new TL-SG2428P Jet Stream Switch, I see no trunk port option in the Omada controller. I am use to using Meraki which has the trunk port option. The option I have are All and LAN. Just wondering how to set a trunk port on this new switch if anyone is familiar.


The ALL option for the port would be to used to send all VLANs same as a trunk.

If you create VLANs, then they would show up as additional options. “LAN” is a premade VLAN with an ID of 1. “All” is the same as setting a port as a trunk, without defining a “trunk native vlan”. Selecting LAN or your other created VLANs is the same as making an Access port for that VLAN.

Whether undefined VLANs are allowed through depends on how the switch is configured, and that might or might not be a setting you can control. I would put in all the VLANs you expect it to pass.

Thanks guys for the info.

I hope the new TP-Link equipment holds up I was a bit hesitant on buying TP-Link over Unifi. There was a huge difference in price for a UniFi comparable switch.

TL-SG2428P Jet Stream Switch combined with two TP-Link EAP265 HD’s.

I’ve been running the EAP245 for the last two years, didn’t have any issues with it.

You need to keep an eye out for updates to the controller, they seem to have quite a few this year.

Good to hear they are keeping up on the updates.