TrueNas with BackBlaze B2

Hi Guys,

Got a bit of an issue I can’t seem to crack. Using TrueNase Core-U4 and have set up a BackBlaze account. When trying to verify the connection using API keys, gettting error :

failed to authorize account: failed to authenticate: Get “”: EOF

From what I can see Google points to networking config issue. Have checked and verified global config for default gateway and nameservers. Have tested the ability to resolve DNS and ping from cmdline. I don’t have any issues updating or accessing the internet at all. Have regenerated the keys and also created new application keys. Still no deal. Checked for blocked traffic through firewall, again nothing.

Anyone came across this before?



Not an issue that I have encountered, try posting in their forums TrueNAS Community

Hi Tom,

Yeah, I’ve done a little more troubleshooting and posted my findings over there.

Thanks for the reply !


I eventually got to the bottom of the problem - (well sort of…). I discovered my Fortinet UTM is causing the issue. Outbound traffic is scanned for viruses, web content etc… and whilst it is not blocking or reporting any issues (tagged as allowed/pass), it must be modifying it in some way. When the scanning/monitoring is switched off, it can connect. It’s strange as the UTM isn’t reporting an issue or blocking which can and does happen fairly regularly. When I get some time, I’m going to packet capture the flow and examine the pass-thru to see what’s changing. This happens regardless of the filter applied, even ones that aren’t going to affect the traffic anyway eg. applying a SMTP filter.

Odd behavior, but hope it helps someone else out.


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