TrueNAS using 2 Iocages

Ok I know this may be a bit weird and I am still new to TrueNas so I apologize if this is really stupid out the gate. I was wondering if it is possible to setup 2 jails or Jail pool area’s within TrueNAS. My reasoning is as follows and maybe the answer is to get a bigger drive but lets see.

  1. I have a plex server that I am running totally on my system and I want the Jail running on the SSD Pool that it is running on currently as this lets the transcode happen within this jail. Maybe you could point me to changing all my jails and how I would setup a transcode directory on the SSD pool instead might be more elegant but I couldn’t get that to work

  2. my kids want a Minecraft server (LOL) and so yes I set one up however that is overrunning my SSD pool or I should say it is now at 85% which Truenas doesn’t like. So I was thinking it would be great to just have a 2nd area for all the other Jails and point them to my 4TB pool for that stuff and leave Plex alone on the SSD pool so it can get all the faster access.

So thoughts? migrate all IOCAGE to a new 4TB pool (How to change the transcode) and be done or can you really have 2 Jails running and just put mount points to the other pool for say Minecraft, Tautulli, etc. Seems like having 2 IOCages would be simple but if I activate one pool the GUI doesn’t show the other even though the other stays up and yes it starts to create plex data in the other IOCAGE area. so I am guessing the answer is no don’t do that but wanted to hear thoughts and possibly how to create the transcode directory if the other idea is completely bonkers.
I am on TrueNAS 12. I have a fairly beefy system 32GB ram Intel eight core, etc.

The proper way to setup jails and a solution to your problem is to map storage to the jails. This would allow you have the jails run on the faster storage and then you would map storage from the other pool into those jails.