TrueNAS: user with email address

sorry not sure where to place this?

I am trying to see how to log on to a file share on TrueNAS using the email address?

the computer is part of AzureAD

the box comes up to use an email address? How do I change the user account to use an email to login to the shared drive?

I don’t know of a way to created users in TrueNAS that have email addresses as their name.

Is there a way to setup TrueNAS to use AzureAD so that users can access network SMB shares from a PC that is AAD joined?

I have seen some things googling around but really confusing.
I did get “guest access” working but…issues there, right? just not sure what the answer is.

I have not tested TrueNAS with any AzureAD setups.

Ahh… I see. Thanks for the response.