Truenas UPS slave configuration

Hi Folks
I am trying to configure UPS in Truenas in slave configuration. My ups is connected to a QNAP box which is the master. In TrueNas UPS Service config page, i have specified the identifier as the qnap ups name. I have specified the IP and port of the QNAP server. Also on the Monitor side i have specified the user name and password that was used in QNAP upsd.users file.

I know these values work because in truenas shell if give the upsc command with the Qnap UPS name and IP i get the UPS details successfully, but if i go to reporting in TRUENAS and select UPS, i get a blank screen.

How do i check whether the config is working and it will work ?

Further update on this. I tested it and it works, if i switch of power and force UPS to battery mode TRUENAS shut down in the stipulated time. However in Reporting UPS still shows a blank screen. I thought maybe collectd was not getting the data, but check the rrd folder and found some data was being collected from the UPS.

But then realised that only a few fields were being recorded by collectd. I could not find any config file which tells which fields needs to be picked up for the NUT plugin.

Anyone has any idea how to configure the same so that collectd picksup more data fields from the UPS?

Just adding to this. The command in Truenas is ‘upsc ups_name@ip:port’ to test the config.

Hi, sorry to bother. I have the same setups as you are describing but I can’t make it work. I keep getting errors…many of which are “pipe broken”… can you help me setup the trueness side (I was able to make the setup work for my Pfsense box already)

Are you able to fire the command 'upsc ups_name@ip:port’ as suggested by @vagabond is that giving an error?