TrueNAS SSD Pool with 1TB IronWolf 125 SSD

Hey all, I’m looking to build a pool of 24 SSDs in my MD1220. I’m going to use the pool primarily for typical NAS file storage (few writes, mostly reads), iSCSI mounting deduped Steam libraries for me and my GF (we play games together so will generally have pretty similar libraries - this will be written more often but still not that frequently), a PLEX library, and eventually may host some VM disks if my current VM SSD pool fills up.

My reason for using SSDs is for high performance and low power consumption. The server will have two 10gbps NICs in LACP, and will be serving me, my GF, and my parents (mostly reads). I want to be able to saturate at least one 10gbps link (if not both) when loading Steam games, and moving files around like Windows ISOs, virtual disks, and video files.

Unless I start running VMs on the array, I won’t be writing much (though this is a very real possibility, so I want to be prepared). I see the IronWolf 125 1tb SSD has a write endurance of 1400TB. Are these drives suitable for this environment? Given the cost of a 24 drive array, I’m hoping the drives will last at least about 5 years. Is this too optimistic?

Thank you!

They do say they are for NAS so they should be fine.