[TrueNAS] Snapshot having different behavior at different folder level

so I posted this on truenas and waiting for help but it has been almost a week. I know Tom has covered this on his youtube videos and want to see if anyone else having same behavior or it is really how snapshot works.

Here is copy paste from truenas:

I just learn about Truenas snapshot feature and seems like really good, but I am having different outcome if I use main folder share vs sub folder. I tried to create video so you can understand.

Why am I getting error if I try to restore from previous version where if I use main folder share (IMP-BackUP in my case) ? and why can’t I see previous version in sub folder under main folder (IMP-BackUP >> Documents) but I can see if I use sub folder sharable (Documents) and sub folder of that (test in my example) shows previous verion.

I would appreciate any input or advise. Thanks in advance. I posted on main forum, but no one helped so far. Thanks.

Here is video of it:

You have to make sure the make sure that “enable shadow copies” is enabled in each SMB share BEFORE the snapshot are made. I cover the details of how that works in this video https://youtu.be/8AjuEG_Ug4g

I did watched your video. I got reply from ix system and it is bug they will fix in upcoming update. i feel honored to get help from Tom himself. Thanks.

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