TrueNas SMB AD computer/workgroup NAS (veeam repository)

Im planning on adding a remote TrueNAS box to my Veeam setup as a further step in restricting sabotage of my backups with snapshots.

My Veeam backup server is not part of the AD group, it backs up to a local storage drive for a fast recovery if needed, it also backs up to some local Synology NAS drives (without snapshop capability) using username/password - all good so far.

I wanted to add a remote TrueNAS with snapshots so that they couldn’t be deleted via Veeam if compromised. (yes not air gapped but one extra precaution)

It appears that a Windows 10 Machine is having a terrible time connecting to TrueNAS using just username/password if its different from the AD account.

Veeam backup server (not AD joined) can connect happily to the share using its inbuilt authentication but Windows 10 cant. (I have a bunch of backups I want to copy into the directory to seed the remote repository)

Watching tail on the samba logs doesnt seem to provide activity on the Windows 10 attempt (most of the time)

Any ideas - I’ve been bashing away at this for quite a while…

if using SMB create a local account, lets call it “backups” for discussion purposes. Give “backups” the necessary permissions on to the TrueNAS SMB share.

Then on the windows side when prompted for username and password make sure you enter it as .“backups” this will tell Windows 10 that the account you are using is local to the system being accessed. If you input the username as “backups” Windows 10 will assume the account is a local or domain account and will attempt to prefix the username with that info.

Yep absolutely up with creating different user names, it appears that the NAS or Windows is hell bent on having a user account name the same as the account on the NAS (even though they have different passwords) (Have tried /freenas/account etc as well) I can access the share using the backup account via Veeam just not from a Windows Explorer session. (Ive added my account to the backup group (which matches the computer username) and I can access the backup share. Ideally I want only the Backup account to access the share for security reasons.