TrueNas Server Build Fan Quesion

I’m building a TrueNas with the following specs. going to be used for VM storage for my XCP-NG

MB - AsRockRack X570D4U
CPU - AMD Ryzen 5600G
RAM - GSkill 64 GB 3600MHz
Storage - 3 x Micron 5400 PRO 1.92 TB
Case - Silverstone RM23-502-M

This case only has 2 80mm fan slots in the front. there are openings are in the back but nothing for a fan. My question is would you use the fans in the front as intake or exhaust? my rack doesn’t have a lot of heat in it so if it did pull from the back that wouldn’t be an issue. I think it’s typically intake however without a fan in the back I do not have an exhaust

I would recommend using the front fans as intake. This configuration would supply constant airflow over components which is never a bad thing.