Truenas scrubs schedule happening abnormally quickly?

I had a scrub schedule set up for “daily” at 12 am with 0 threshold days just as an experiment to see if it ran. There are a few things I am concerned about. For reference, the content in my pool currently totals to 15 TB.

  1. the scrubs seem to happen abnormally quick and
  2. the scrubs are happening “not daily” based on the zpool status command in the shell
  3. these extremely short scrubs are putting next to no load on the disks based on their I/O history

For the first one, the zpool status command says that the last scrub happened in 3 mins. I find this difficult to believe based on the scrub times others are having for their relative pool sizes.

For the second point, based on the image of the scrub that happened on oct 31, this is telling me that the scrubs are not happening daily based on my settings.

For the third point, after manually navigating to the pool page and forcing a manual scrub start, the disk I/O information is seemingly more realistic, and the zpool command seems to bring read rates and completion times that are more realistic.

Are these scrub tasks running properly for 15TB of data?
I have digitized old family videos on this and am intending for these digital copies to be a permanent archive as the original tapes rot away and would be extremely disappointed if I was having my files eventually corrupted without my knowing.


When you run zpool status -v are you sure you are looking at the main data pool and not the boot pool?

Hi, thanks for the prompt reply

I was indeed accidentally looking at the boot pool data.
However, looking back at the disks’ I/O rates, there is no evidence that the NAS was doing the scheduled scrub tasks aside from the one that was manually forced on November 6.