TrueNAS Scale VLAN Support

I am trying to set up a vlan on TrueNAS Scale. I am using a separate Intel X540-T2 10Gb NIC. The NIC lights up on the physical card and shows up in the network section of TrueNAS but has the arrows grayed out with a slash through it. I followed the instructions on Setting Up a Network VLAN |. Not sure why its not showing as up when cable is plugged in. I know the port configuration are correct bc it works on other systems (Proxmox and Unraid). I also get this after clicking save:

Register Default Gateway

Editing interface will result in default gateway being removed, which may result in TrueNAS being inaccessible. You can provide new default gateway now:
Current Default Gateway:

The options are to skip or register new gateway. I dont see anything on that page about this so I skip. I know on other systems I have to add the vlan gateway not sure if this is what im missing.#

I would like to use the same NIC just as a trunk but if that cant be done I can use the separate card to dedicated to that VLAN. I have the port on the switch configured to just that VLAN.

Make sure the VLAN settings on the NIC, switch port, and TrueNAS interface match. Verify that the NIC driver is properly installed and recognized by TrueNAS. Ensure that the cable is properly connected and that the switch port is configured correctly. If using a separate NIC for the VLAN, make sure it’s properly recognized and configured in TrueNAS. Consider consulting TrueNAS documentation or forums for specific guidance on setting up VLANs and trunking with your hardware and software configuration.