TrueNAS Scale Virtualization Features and How To Get Started Building VM's [YouTube Release]

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00:00 :arrow_forward: TrueNAS Scale Hypervisor (add timestamp for demo)
01:04 :arrow_forward: Working Features
03:00 :arrow_forward: VM Bridge Issue
04:51 :arrow_forward: Missing Features
07:24 :arrow_forward: How To Build A VM
10:48 :arrow_forward: VM Management
11:52 :arrow_forward: Cloning Vitrual Machines
12:32 :arrow_forward: VM Zvol Management
13:13 :arrow_forward: Device Management
13:48 :arrow_forward: VM Snapshots

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It is really unfortunate that TrueNAS SCALE does NOT support virtio-fs, much like how virtio-fs also isn’t supported (by default, out-of-the-box) in xcp-ng.

virtio-fs (which was built from virtio-9p), has been working WONDERS for me in the testing that I have been doing with it in Proxmox 7.3-3.

My Windows VMs - where instead of having to “go out to the network, only to come back in” via SMB/CIFS, by using virtio-fs and the Windows virtio drivers – I’m able to directly talk to the storage that’s being hosted by the Proxmox host (which I have a created a ZFS pool on).

Ubuntu also works the same way.

I still need to test this on a CentOS VM (which should work given that virtio-fs is being worked on by Stefan Hajnoczi’s team (Senior Principal Software Engineer, Redhat).)

But yeah, if TrueNAS SCALE had virtio-fs support, then it would have actually eeked out ahead of Proxmox because of how ridiculously easy they’ve made GPU passthrough (whereas in Proxmox, you can still do it, but it takes more work/more steps to execute).