TrueNAS Scale - Updating from Cobia to Dragonfish

Crossposting from truenas forums as i’ve not had any replies over there

has anyone else run into the error mentioned? I’m not sure what database it’s referring to or how i’d check it

The configuration for TrueNAS is in a database but I am not sure why it’s failing as all of my upgrades have gone fine. I would do a backup of the settings from the working system, reload TrueNAS clean, and then import the settings which should bring back the pool.

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I’ve actually reinstalled the latest release of Cobia a few times for some other unrelated issues so it seems the next thing to try is to install Dragonfish and import the pool that way.

Do you know what kind of issues I could run into in that case, specifically I’m thinking if the import fails or if Dragonfish has any issues, will it be safe to downgrade back to Cobia or will the pools be locked to the newer version?

Importing the pools does not lock it to that version, unless it asks to do a pool upgrade.

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