TrueNAS Scale time error

I built a TrueNAS Scale 22.02.4 machine recently. It uses the AS Rock EPC621D8A with 64 Gigs of ECC, 10 - SeaGate Exos 6Tb drives, 4 - MVME drives for boot and log pools.

I have tried several fixes for setting the time correctly. I initially set the motherboard (MB) and software time to the local setting. After searching for a fix, I set the MB time to GMT / UTC to 0 and the TrueNAS time to local. I also tried reversing this. Then I tried the same things with a restart.

I have never had any issues, I just set the time under “Systems->General” choose the time zone and leave the NTP servers at default.

I did that. The message on the Dashboard reads “Your NAS time Dec 30, 10:50:08, GMT-05:00 does not match your computer time.”. The current time is 15:50. The ASRock MB only has GMT for time zones.

Upgraded to Bluefin. There was a sync option for the time.