TrueNAS Scale - Re-install?

Boot drive failed. Not an issue, I have a backup of the config from it. But, my question is, can I install a new boot drive and install a new copy of TrueNAS Scale and then restore the config like I used to do with TrueNAS Core?

Don’t want to lose the storage pool if I can help it. That would be a long restore/recovery from the backup server.

With scale, not sure. But that would be a big thing to break! I would guess yes, but I don’t have any scale machines to test with.

Well, good news. Boot device was actually fine. Apparently server failed via a Kernel Panic. Looking further, apparently its common ony older hardware.

I’m almost certain you can reinstall SCALE and re-import your config and be fine. It should function jsut like CORE.

I have reinstalled and imported. Worked fine for me. You can even import a config from Core into Scale. If you do that, things like jails wont, since Scale uses docker and not jails.