TrueNAS Scale Pool Creation Stalled

I’m not able to create a pool on TrueNAS Scale.

I’m running TrueNAS scale as a VM inside Proxmox. I have passed through two HDD (WD RED 4TB x 2) via scsi that I intend on setting up as a Raid10 ZFS (4TB).

When I go to Create Pool,
I select both drives under a vdev, set to mirror. I’ve filled out the name field and click Create Pool.

The “Create Pool - Fetching Data…” popup opens and stays on “Fetching Data”. It doesn’t create a pool.

The things I’ve tried:

  • Waited 1+ hour on “Fetching Data” screen
  • I added a single GPT partition via fdisk on each drive

Anyone know where I went wrong?
Any suggestions on what I could try next?

Thanks in advance.

I never recommend virtualzing TrueNAS but my guess wold be there’s something wrong with the way the drives or the controller is being passed through.

Hey Tom,

I followed the instructions provided in this video to pass through the drives via proxmox to the vm.

I will see if I can find out more info about how proxmox passes through the drives to see if there is something I can do there.

If all else fails, I’ll install TrueNAS baremetal instead.

Thanks for taking the time to respond!

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