TrueNAS Scale Plex Permissions

The ACLs on my Plex dataset got buggared and now the Plex app on my Scale box can’t read the folders. Any thoughts on what the permissions should be? When I initially setup the app it just worked out of the box.

TrueNAS version 12.22.2

I personally set env variable for the user and groups for the ACL. Your values may be different than mine. I don’t recall if I created those on my own or if the app did it.

Check your users and groups under CredentialsLocal Users for their UID and GID and supply the values with my example above.

Once you have set those you will want to make sure to set the ACL for the Owner and Groups for your dataset and set it to recursive.

That did it; also adding the plex user/group to the ACL. Thanks much!