Truenas Scale Noob Question

Is there a way to have smb shares sync to computers? For example I have a laptop and tailscale running on it and home. I would like to sync a smb share to my laptop instead of going to the file manager and then selecting the other locations then clicking on the truenas box and entering credentials. Kind of make it like synology drive client.


The best way to do that would be with a tool called Syncthing

I was afraid that was the answer. Is there a way to get a smb share to sync across or do I need to copy thos file back and forth manually?

Tom already has the answer.

One thing to consider is if you have special permissions on your SMB share then sync thing cannot sync the windows ACL’s. You have to setup something like robocopy that runs every so often.

So I have it working to a smb share. Two linux computers and the truenas. Username on the comptuers is the same as the owner of the share on the truenas. I have one issue though and that is the truenas is now out of sync and for the life of me am unable to figure it out. My guess is that the settings in syncthing on the computers are not sending back the the truenas. I will have to revisit when I get some free time. I appreciate all the help.