TrueNas Scale Newbie

I am just getting into building TrueNas Scale on bare metal, for my home lab, old computer I had laying around not being used. I wanted to see if I could even get it running before I spent a bunch of $$ on hard drives, so I created it with 1 SSD for the operating system and put 1 old HDD for storage. Was able to get true nas installed, the “pool” created with the one HDD drive, dataset created, user created, and can read and write to it from other machines on the network. Now that it appears I can get it up and running, I would like to take it the next step and add drives for a media server (plex, embe, jellyfin not sure which) and data storage for our home. Once those 2 items are done I may look at other apps that would be useful. My plan would be to remove the existing HDD (500gb) and replace it with 4 larger HDD’s. There is no important data on the existing 500gb HDD as I was just using it for testing.

What is the best way to remove the existing 500gb HDD and replace it with the 4 new drives? My thoughts are:

  1. Remove/delete dataset and pool that has been created in truenas.
  2. Shut down true nas.
  3. Remove the existing HDD (leaving SSD for operating system) and install the 4 new drives
  4. Start up truenas and create pools and dataset, shares again, etc.

Does that sound correct or am I missing steps or adding unnecessary steps?

Yes that would be the steps to take. Got to StorageExport/Disconnect, selct the options you want and remove it.

Another option, factory default truenas which removes the data drives configuration, user accounts etc,

Does not remove the boot drive