TrueNAS Scale - MinIO SSL

@LTS_Tom Just saw your video:
I’ve done the migration from built in S3 to MinIO S3 and came across the SSL issue as well did a writeup on it on our Knowledgebase and also shared in the TrueNAS forums see here:

More info / links:

– Pasted Info from TrueNAS Forums

Ended up using the Charts version.

What i was doing wrong was putting the certs in the wrong location. Wrong Copy/Paste Whatever.

Got it now like this;

Mount path in pod: /etc/minio/certs

Host Path: /mnt/HDD-DATA/Apps_Configs/minio/certs

In there put the private.key and public.crt < this needs to be the full chain. So Cert + Intermediate Certs

Also set the correct permissions;

chmod 644 private.key
chown minio:minio private.key
chown minio:minio public.crt

Now Edit the "Docker / k3s file;

k3s kubectl edit deployment.apps/minio -n ix-minio

Replace all http with https


Now your MinIO will be Available via HTTPS



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Thanks and nice work! Now the question still remains will IX Systems actually modify the Minio to it does this on deployment as an option.

Yeah, that would be really nice. Don’t think its high up on their list :frowning:
But at least this made it work for us now, and we are happy with it.