Truenas Scale Hardware Rebuild

Hi there

I have done a hardware rebuild to a better system, aka i9 32GB RAM, 2X GPU, One for Interface, One for Nextcloud etc.

System has locked me out, can’t reinstall OS and is now only detecting 3 out of 5 ZFS drives.

Tried 2 different SSD drives for the OS mount, but will lt only detect two ZFS drives…

Please, Help! 10 years of backups potentially lost data, without a resolution.

Will engage you to finish the setup of my network, but I think hardware resolutions need to be done first.

None of the drives were encrypted, was all working fine before hardware changes.

Kindest regards


If you have a backup of your config I would recommend putting your drives in a spare machine and seeing if your drives show up there.

If I had to guess, you have a bad SATA controller which is why you are only seeing a few drives.

Does the machine bios / hard drive controller see the hard drives.

If not then it is a hardware issue, check seating of card, cables etc